Course Overview

Course Length: 1 Hour


Providing good customer service is not always easy, and anyone who regularly works with people shares this sentiment. This course equips front line personnel, receptionists, call-takers, and others how to successfully de-escalate tense situations whether they are on the phone or in-person. Additionally, strategies will be given to identify people in crisis, manage safety considerations, and effectively triage these situations until others can arrive to intervene and provide more specialized care or intervention. Finally, this course addresses additional considerations for if that distressed client happens to be a responder. This course is not a crisis intervention course intended for clinicians. Instead, it is intended for the support staff that are most likely to interface with these customers or clients first.

Course Objectives

  • Discover de-escalation strategies when dealing with angry or verbally aggressive clients.

  • Develop ways to identify clients who may be in crisis and how to effectively approach them to triage their needs, while simultaneously being aware of the safety of other people and yourself.

  • Identify additional factors that may come into play when interfacing with a responder in crisis.

What to expect:

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Meet Your Instructor:

Emily Hitchings

Now the Director of Agency Partnerships and Programming at NERPSC, Emily was a police officer for nearly 17 years. As the employee support officer, she led their peer support team and managed wellness programs for her department. Emily is recognized state-wide for her work and has been pivotal in helping build wellness programs for departments of all sizes across the country. Emily is a certified financial master coach and a responder curriculum instructor for the Center for Relationship Education (CRE). This curriculum teaches responders effective communication skills that can benefit their personal and professional relationships. She is also currently working on a MA in counseling, to assist emergency responders through therapy, crisis response, and trauma treatment.